Suzuki Mehran VXR 2021

Ex-Factory Price Rs.860,000 Lacs

Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II 2021

Suzuki Mehran Overview

Suzuki Mehran was the base model version developed by Pak Suzuki Motors of the Second Generation Suzuki Alto. It was launched as a rebadged First Generation Suzuki Alto to replace the classic Suzuki FX. The Suzuki Mehran had a retail price of PKR.90,000 upon its arrival to the Pakistani market in 1989. The Suzuki Mehran was sold for about 650,000 Pakistani rupees in November 2016.

Suzuki Mehran 2021 was released in 2012 and is one of the 2nd Gen. The next generation of Suzuki Mehran Cars featured slight cosmetic updates as well as an engine update that made it Euro II compatible.
The Mehran Car’s remaining characteristics are similar to those of the first generation. However, an Immobilizer will now be used with the whole variant. The Suzuki Mehran Car will be available in four separate versions:

  1. VX
  2. VX CNG
  3. VXR
  4. VXR CNG
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The top speed that a driver frequently reaches in this car is 130 km/h. This is enough to enjoy an easy ride and sit at the same time in only a secure acceleration cap for family trips. For a compact car with an average engine, the transition from zero to 60 km/h takes just 13 seconds, which is amazing.

0.8 Liter OHC 6 Valve Inline-3

Suzuki Mehran Engine View

4 Speed Manual Transmission


The use of grey tone plastic trim parts requires the Suzuki Mehran 2021 interior. As many parts of the vehicle are left open, the interior is very minimalistic and everything, including windows and seat adjustment controls, is manually controlled. Basic features such as central locking, steering adjustment, and rear seat belts are absent from the Mehran Vehicle.

Both the front and rear seats are vinyl-wrapped. Basic features on the Mehran car include a radiator, while air conditioning and cloth seats are included in the higher end VXR model. The overall interior of the Suzuki Mehran 2021 features a lack of interior space in both the front and rear for a hatchback of its exterior dimensions, it also offers a lack of comfort and interior refinement.


Instead, the Suzuki Mehran 2021 exterior has a box-like style. The front end of the Mehran Car features the use of trapezium headlights with a grille that uses one portion and a sealed end on the other with several rectangular shaped openings along with regular dark bumpers.

A traditional hatchback with a regular dark bumper, the rear end of the car houses rather angular square shaped taillights. The Mehran Car comes fitted with colour matching bumpers and complete wheel covers on the top end Mehran VXR variations. The Suzuki Mehran 2021’s entire exterior features a restrained and minimalistic design style that is characteristic of a car built in the 1980s.


With a hatchback physique, Suzuki’s Mehran is made. It is a compact car with a width and height of 55.3 inches and 55.5 inches, respectively, and a length of 129.9 inches. The car’s turning radius is up to 4.4 meters and its wheelbase is 85.6 inches in diameter. To be able to find out from the outer perspective.


The Suzuki Mehran 2021 is offered in a choice of 4 colors

Graphite Grey, Solid White, Pearl Red and Silky Silver.


Although the Suzuki Mehran is a low-cost vehicle in Pakistan, it competes with the Hyundai Santro, Suzuki Alto, FX Cars, Daihatsu Charade, Nissan Otti, Daihatsu Mira, and other 660cc vehicles.


Vehicle Hatchback
Price Rs.860,000 Lacs
Kilometers n/a
Color Graphite Gray-Solid White-Pearl Red-Silky Silver
Transmission Manual
Drive Type Front Wheel Drive
Engine 0.8L


Year 2021
Make Suzuki
Model Mehran VXR Euro II
Vehicle Hatchback
Seats 5
Doors 5
Drive Type Front Wheel Drive
Transmission Type Manual
Fuel Type Petrol
Engine (l) 0.8