2024 MG ZS EV MCE Long Range

Ex-Factory Price Rs.14,999,000 Lacs EST

2024 MG ZS EV MCE Long Range

The most thrilling part of this automobile is its driving experience, which is enhanced by its 44.5Kw electric engine, which produces 147hp and 350Nm torque. The car’s power, which you can feel directly after the initial acceleration, is the most important component of its driving. The electric vehicle has a strong push and accelerates quickly and quietly.

The automobile owner must drive it cautiously and adjust to its power since, while it appears to be similar to other cars, it is much different in terms of power and acceleration. Furthermore, you must drive it with caution because it approaches people/traffic crossing the road faster than other vehicles, potentially causing accidents. As a result, you must acclimatize to its power and acceleration.



Because MG ZS EV is a British brand, the general design is influenced by British heritage. The front grille, often known as the Galaxy Grille, is fairly large and features MG badging in the middle. This emblem, which you may access by tapping, contains the car’s charging documentation. A diffuser with air vents is also included in the front bumper, which helps the ZS EV’s aerodynamics. These vents also assist in keeping the electric motor cool.

Furthermore, the bumper features metallic coloured outlines on both the top and lower lip. The front lighting are shaped like the London Eye, and it also includes DRLs. The car’s front end is rather massive, thanks to the grille and headlamps.

When you look to the side, the first thing you’ll notice are the 17-inch alloy wheels, which have the design of Dutch windmills. It also comes with Michelin tires. From front to rear, the car’s side features two grey coloured lines, one on top and one in the bottom section. The door handles are chromed, and the sideview mirrors are body-colored.

The car’s back end is stunning, with Lava LEDs inspired by Northern Star. Shark Fin Antenna, High Mounted Brake Lamp, Spoiler, Rear Wiper, and MG badging are also included on the ZS EV SUV. There are also Parking Sensors, as well as a stunning black rear bumper and diffuser.


The MG ZS EV  offers keyless entry, which allows you to unlock the vehicle with a single push of a button. The front and rear seats feature plenty of leg and headroom, as well as decent entry/exit space. Furthermore, the driver’s seat is motorized and may be adjusted to your preferences. On the back seats, two adults and one youngster can comfortably sit for a short trip, while two people may comfortably sit for longer trips. Seat Belts have also been added in the backseats, as well as a Child ISOFIX seat option.

Furthermore, the entire interior is decorated in Dark and Light Grey tones.

Panoramic Sunroof  A button on the car’s roof may be pressed to open the Sunroof cover. MG has placed a very traditional spinning button to open the Sunroof. This button allows you to pick different levels of openness. The front of the Sunroof also features a net to keep you protected from tiny rocks.


This automobile may be charged both at home and in a commercial setting. This automobile can be completely charged in 1 hour 15 minutes at a commercial charging station. A single charge, on the other hand, can set you back roughly Rs950-1,000. A home charge, on the other hand, will cost roughly Rs500-600, but it will take around 9-10 hours to complete.

Another crucial factor to consider is the charging time. If charging takes less than an hour from 0 to 80%, the automobile has a good electric motor and batteries. The ZS EV has an 0-80% charge time of under 40 minutes, which is great.


This automobile can travel up to 340 kilometers on a single charge. However, it depends on your driving behavior, such as which functions you use or whether gadgets, such as the air conditioner, are turned on. The range of this automobile is between 250 and 340 kilometers when driven with AC and full power.

As a result, it costs Rs2-4 per kilometer, which is significantly less than petrol or diesel automobiles.


The car reaches from 0 to 100 in 8.37 seconds.


The MG ZS EV  requires minimal maintenance because it does not utilize Mobil oil or filters. You simply need to replace its brake pads, which would set you back roughly Rs14-15,000, which is a decent price. The business is also providing an 8-year battery and a 100,000-kilometer/4-year comprehensive guarantee.

In brief, it is a maintenance-free vehicle since it does not require regular visits to a workshop.


Because local automobile manufacturers have long overlooked this feature, the car features six airbags, making it an extremely safe vehicle to ride in. In terms of performance, the car’s brakes are great.



Vehicle SUV
Price Rs.14,999,000 Lacs EST
Kilometers n/a
Color Dover White-Diamond Red-Pebble Blue-Copenhagen Blue
Registration -
Transmission Automatic
Drive Type Front Wheel Drive


Year 2024
Make MG
Model ZS EV MCE Long Range
Vehicle SUV
Seats 5
Doors 5
Drive Type Front Wheel Drive
Transmission Type Automatic
Fuel Type Electric