Slovakian Flying Car

A test flight of a flying car between two airports is successfully completed by a Slovak Company.

A test flight of a flying car between two airports is successfully completed by a Slovak Company.

June 30, 2021 / By Zunair Tahir /Automotive News

  • AirCar operates a 35-minute trip between the international airports of Nitra and Bratislava in Slovakia.
  • Prof Stefan Klein claims that the automobile, which runs on normal gasoline and has a BMW engine, can go over 1,000 kilometres.
  • In roughly two minutes and 15 seconds, a hybrid automobile can transform into an airplane.

According to BBC News, a firm in Slovakia has created a successful prototype of a hybrid flying automobile.

According to the British broadcaster, the automobile, known as AirCar, flew 35 minutes between international airports in the Slovakian cities of Nitra and Bratislava.

Prof Stefan Klein, the car’s designer, claims that it runs on normal gasoline, has a BMW engine, and can fly over 1,000 kilometer’s at an altitude of 8,200 feet. He also stated that the automobile had been in the air for about 40 hours.

In roughly two minutes and 15 seconds, the hybrid vehicle can transform into an airplane. On Monday morning, Prof Klein tested the automobile in front of reporters and took off from a runway. When the automobile was airborne, he stated it soared at about 170 km/h. The automobile can carry two passengers and has a combined weight restriction of 200kg, according to the inventor.

The innovation, however, will disappoint pop culture lovers because it does not take off like drone-taxi prototypes. A runway is required because the automobile can only take off and land vertically.


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Almost Took Two Years To Complete

AirCar took nearly two years to create and cost less than two million euros, according to Klein Vision, the firm behind it. According to Anton Rajac, a Klein Vision adviser and investor, the firm will be successful if it can attract a tiny amount of worldwide airline or taxi sales.

“In the United States alone, there are roughly 40,000 aircraft orders. And if we convert 5% of those to flying cars instead of planes, we have a big market “Rajac told the BBC about the potential.


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