How to Read Your Tyre Size

July 2, 2021 / By Zunair Tahir / Blogs Pakistan

It is critical to install suitable Tyres for a vehicle’s safety and overall performance. If you want to buy a tyre for your car, the first thing you need do is figure out what size you need. Many factors, including as width and diameter, load index, and speed rating, are crucial in determining the proper Tyres.

How to Read Your Tyre Size

Tyre size data may be found on the sidewall of the tyres. Let’s see what all those letters and numbers signify.

Tyre data appears in your Tyre one by one, in the sequence indicated in the above graphic. The image above will be used as an example to go over Tyre data in further depth to help you.



195 / 55 R 16 87V

The sidewall of your tyre carries all of your tyre’s information. On the walls are a sequence of numerals and alphabets. Your tyre’s size, load bearing capability, and speed restriction are represented by these figures. Understanding these code phrases can assist you in selecting the ideal pair of tyres for you, based on the demands of your car and your driving style. So here’s a quick guide on what all those numbers and characters mean:

Lets Us See What Does these means

195=Section Width=This is the Tyre Width in Millimeters(MM)
55=Ratio of Aspects This represents the tyre sidewall height as a proportion of the section width.
R=Radial Construction
16= Diameter of Rims This is the inner rim diameter of the tyre in inches.
87=Load Index Load Capacity of the tyre
V=Speed Symbol This Indicates the Max speed of the tyre at Max Load


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