Apple And Kia Are Near To Finalize Deal To Make Apple E-Car

Apple And Kia Are Near To Finalize Deal To Make Apple E-Car

Apple and Kia are allegedly close to an arrangement in which Apple will have to spend 6 3.6b KRW 4 trillion in Kia in the future to manufacture electric vehicles.

In Georgia, Apple is working with Hyundai’s affiliate, Kia, for US services. With an initial expectation of 100,000 vehicles a year by 2024, Apple plans to start making electric cars. It could further raise this figure to 400,000 units a year.

According to Industry Insider, owing to its electric vehicle model, EGMP, its manufacturing facilities in the United States, Apple is leaning towards Hyundai as a core partner in car production. Kia will handle the production and production of the vehicle, while Apple will manage the self-driving hardware, applications and user interface, battery systems, semiconductors, and the form factor.


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Apple and Hyundai talked for a while before the project. More and more, Hyundai admitted, only to cancel later. Hyundai executives are actually allegedly making a fuss over beginning a venture with Apple. Insiders, though, suggest Hyundai is more than willing and see it as a chance for Apple’s loyal base around the world to do favors.


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