Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars
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Top 10: Fastest Accelerating Production Electric Cars

Top 10: Fastest Accelerating Production Electric Cars

December 28, 2023 / By Zunair Tahir / Automotive Blogs

10. Lotus Evija – sub-3.0 seconds

9. Porsche Taycan Turbo S – 2.6sec

8. Tesla Model X Plaid – 2.5sec

7. Lucid Air – 2.5sec

6. Faraday Future FF91 – 2.2sec

5. Tesla Model S Plaid – 1.99sec

4. Tesla Roadster – 1.9 seconds

3. Pininfarina Battista – 1.79sec

2. Rimac Nevera – 1.74sec

1. Aspark Owl – 1.72sec


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An Educational Guide For Determining Petrol Engine Causes Of Strange Exhaust Colors

An Educational Guide For Determining Petrol Engine Causes Of Strange Exhaust Colors

December 20, 2022 / By Zunair Tahir / Automotive Blogs

You drive your automobile for a run one lovely day. You see a noticeable smoke waft emerging from your car’s exhaust pipe all of a sudden. Do you know what the exhaust color actually indicates before going crazy and phoning your go-to mechanics?
Often, especially in the winter, observing a vapor trail coming from the exhaust pipe is not cause for panic. It is typical to see some smoke coming from the exhaust pipe because there is where poisonous and noxious gases are directed away from the engine. Most of the cigarettes that you see coming out of pipes on a daily basis are safe.

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However, you could feel the need to call your mechanic if you see the fume has a black or grey color because it is a sign that something is not operating properly. As a general guideline, you should fix your automobile as soon as the smoke from the exhaust pipe starts to persist and get deeper in color.


1. White Exhaust Smoke:

When you notice white exhaust smoke coming from your gasoline vehicle, you should first determine whether it is indeed smoke before becoming concerned. It may sound absurd, but a lot of the time the thin, light white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe is only water vapor.

You don’t need to worry about the possibility of your automobile exploding in the middle of your street if the “smoke” rapidly goes away once you start your car. Quite frequently, especially on chilly days, this will happen, and as the engine heats up, the “smoke” will automatically disappear.

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However, your automobile is in trouble if the smoke is real smoke, which is persistent, heavy, thick, and occasionally grey in colour. A broken block, a leaking head gasket, or a cylinder head might be to blame. Whatever the source, you should take your automobile to the mechanic as soon as you can since these are severe issues, and you definitely don’t want it to break down on the side of the road.

2. Blue exhaust smoke:

White smoke from a gasoline-powered car’s exhaust pipe might occur for a number of causes, but blue smoke only indicates one thing: burning oil. Despite this, there are a lot of reasons why oil burns.

Piston rings, valve seals, or cylinder walls may be at fault. As a result of damage to one of these components, oil might flow into the combustion chamber and ignite alongside the fuel. If you don’t get the automobile to the shop right away, it will perform poorly and the spark plugs might get damaged.

You might have noticed that the blue smoke periodically comes and then vanishes. Your piston rings are destroyed if it spews out of the exhaust pipe while you accelerate. The valve seals are harmed in the case of deceleration. Knowing these signs and informing your technicians of the information may enable them to do the repair more swiftly.

3. Gray or black exhaust smoke:

You don’t need to panic when your beloved four-wheelers emit some nasty, dirty black smoke, despite the common rule that the sooner the car should be checked out, the darker the smoke is. When this occurs, the engine in your automobile is likely using too much fuel.

There are several causes of the black smoke, including broken fuel injectors, blocked air filters, etc. Whether you notice black smoke, you should pull over, inspect the air filter and other intake parts, and then check the fuel return line to determine if it’s clogged.

A clogged air filter is a problem that is less dangerous and easier to solve. Call your mechanic right away if none of those components are malfunctioning so they can investigate the cause of your car’s improper fuel combustion.


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Why Does My Car Not Start in the Cold? What to Do

Why Does My Car Not Start in the Cold? What to Do

October 6, 2022 / By Zunair Tahir / Automotive Blogs

Quite frequently, at the worst possible time, when it is most necessary, your automobile won’t start in the cold. Winters and automobiles frequently don’t get along, and when there aren’t any available cars or taxis to help, things grow even worse.

Low temperatures also have a negative impact on the automobile, which is shown in its poor performance. In the end, this means you’ll have to cancel all of your plans for the day and hunt for other travel options. If your automobile won’t start cold, these are the most typical issues you could run across.

Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start in the Cold 

1)Production of Electrical Current Drops

On chilly days when there is less current output, the car won’t start. Additionally, the chemical reaction is considerably less on such days. Warm batteries provide more current than cold ones, therefore cold batteries may have trouble starting.

2)Engine Oil Becoming thicker

Engine oil thickening is a significant issue that frequently occurs. It becomes challenging to pump the oil into the other components as a result. Additionally, there is a potential that the oil will adhere to the engine components and impair the car’s efficiency.

It is challenging for the batteries to draw in so much oil because of this sticky grease. Therefore, a battery with little power may result in a sluggish engine start.

3)Dripping Gasoline Lines

If there is a gasoline obstruction in the winter, the automobile won’t start in the cold. Due to moisture buildup, fuel frequently becomes obstructed and freezes. Ice or snow may also condense into a gel in the gasoline lines as a result of this moisture.

As a result, starting the engine takes longer than usual. Additionally, with damp gasoline lines, there is a danger of the engine sputtering and dying quickly. Condensation in gasoline tanks is the major cause of this.

4)Improper Carburetor Operation

No longer are carburetors to be found. They were a typical component of vintage automobiles. The automobile won’t start in the cold if the carburetor isn’t operating correctly. Additionally, this inappropriate operation increases the likelihood of the carburetor being clogged. Modern automobiles have a fuel injection system, thus they rarely have this issue.

5)Replace Your Battery

Car batteries are constantly vulnerable to harm. Therefore, consistently check the voltage to keep your battery safe. During this time, make sure the batteries are in good condition and plug in all the cables.

6)Protect Your Vehicle

Keep in mind to garage-park your automobile, especially during the winter. If a garage is not an option, you can park in a building’s parking space, a carport, or under a canopy. Additionally, use a car cover when parked to prevent your car from not starting in the cold. All of the delicate components are preserved in this way.

7)Keep Moisture Away

Try to place your cars in a secure area. Reduce power when the engine is not operating, second. Keep in mind to dry and clean your automobile batteries as well. Long-term battery use is guaranteed by clean batteries. Additionally, it lessens exposure to heat and supports maintaining a cool temperature.

The fact that your automobile won’t start in the cold is always a problem that might arise at any time. Keep your cool, take the proper actions, and secure your automobile in such situations.


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Top 6 1300cc Cars in Pakistan that Worth Buying

Top 6 1300cc Cars in Pakistan that Worth Buying

July 7, 2022 / By Abdul Rehman / Automotive Blogs

Pakistan is a country with a fast-growing automotive industry. The country’s market for cars and light commercial vehicles has grown significantly in recent years. In this article, we will be discussing the Top 6 1300cc cars, along with these cars price in Pakistan.

After 1000cc automobiles, 1300cc cars are the following class. There are numerous hatchbacks, sedans, and small automobiles with this displacement. However, there is a huge selection of widely available, affordable cars on the market.

Here is a list of 1300cc Cars in Pakistan that are Worth Buying and we will discuss more them below:

  1. Honda City
  2. Toyota Corolla XLI 
  3. Suzuki Ciaz
  4. Toyota Yaris
  5. Suzuki Liana
  6. Toyota Corolla GLi

Honda City

The Honda City is one of Pakistan’s best-known and most popular 1300cc automobiles. The Honda City is a very efficient automobile that is manufactured by Honda. The exterior of the Honda City model 2022 is appealing to the audience’s eyes since it is attractive, distinctive, sleek, and stylish. It has additional opulent features and the most recent technology. The new Honda City 2022 model has a beautiful exterior and outstanding fuel efficiency.

And its price ranges between PKR 32.6 – 39.0 lacs.


Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)             4441 x 1694 x 1498 mm
Displacement   1199 – 1497 cc
Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage12 – 18 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity40 L
Kerb Weight1178 KG
Seating Capacitypersons

Toyota Corolla XLI

Quality and comfort should never be compromised. XLI matches all your criteria. This is perfect for transporting your family’s belongings or a carriage while using less gasoline. With its strong engine and alloy wheels, you can navigate muddy, slippery, and steep inclines with safety and assurance.

The 2022 Toyota Corolla XLI is powered by a 1.3-liter DOHC 16-valve VVT-I engine that is front-wheel drive. You get 12 kilometer’s per liter with a 5-speed manual and 4-speed Super ECT automatic gearbox. Additionally, it features a high-end interior, a plastic exterior with dynamic detailing, and lots of 2 x 3 seating space.

And its price ranges between Rs 2,000,000-Rs 2,900,000


Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)             4620x 1775 x 1460 mm
Displacement   1298 cc
Fuel Type          Petrol
Mileage12-16 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity470 Liters
Kerb Weight1210 KG
Seating Capacitypersons

Suzuki Ciaz

The 1373cc engine in the Suzuki Ciaz is potent and effective. The 1300cc engine in the Suzuki Ciaz. In Pakistan, it sold automobiles of the same model, but with different transmissions. The Suzuki Ciaz Interior’s assortment of modern amenities and chic design characterize it. Other inside features include a media player, air conditioning, power windows, power locks, and power door locks. Having the new Ciaz’s gorgeous tachometer will make you feel fortunate.

If you like a sleek and athletic design, Suzuki Pakistan presents the New Ciaz. Your automobile will stand out from every other vehicle on Pakistani roads thanks to the front grille, which is as wide as an Audi’s. The 15-inch wheels on the New Ciaz have stylish crowns and a large diameter.

Its price range is between 2,300,000/-2,500,000/-.


Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)             4490 x 1730 x 1475
Displacement   1373 cc
Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage14 to 16 KM/L
Fuel TanK Capacity42 L
Kerb Weight975 KG
Seating Capacity5 persons

Toyota Yaris

Toyota’s newest and most gorgeous vehicle is the Yaris 1300cc in Pakistan. 2022 Toyota Yaris 1300cc vehicles are widely accessible in Pakistan. Toyota Japan manufactures the Toyota Yaris line of subcompact automobiles, which comprises hatchbacks with three and five doors.

The smooth exterior of the Toyota Yaris has all the right contours, while optional projector headlamps and a large blacked-out grille add character.

Car enthusiasts typically check the inside before making a decision, but Toyota’s Yaris provides superb spaciousness and a wide range of options.

Its price range is between PKR 2,549,000 to PKR 3,099,000


Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)             4300x 1690x 1460
Displacement   1000-1300 cc
Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage14-16 KM/L
Fuel TanK Capacity42L
Kerb Weight1045 kg
Seating Capacity5 persons

Suzuki Liana

Suzuki Motor Corporation in Pakistan produces the 1,300 cc Suzuki Liana. It was introduced in 2001 to take the place of the Suzuki Esteem/Baleno. The Suzuki Liana’s bodywork is built like a conventional sedan.

The automobile seems to be quite nice. The front grille is crucial, and the lamps that flank it are unremarkable. It was recognized as the Suzuki Aerio in some countries.

  Its price range is between PKR500,000- 900,000.


Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)             4350 x 1690 x 1500
Displacement1328 cc
Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage13-18 KM/L
Fuel TanK Capacity50 L
Kerb Weight1150 KG
Seating Capacity4 persons

Toyota Corolla GLI

A subcompact luxury automobile with a more contemporary and upscale design language is the Toyota Corolla GLI. It has a chic and shiny appearance. Wide taillights, a rear bumper, and a chrome garnish element that runs all the way of the body are all features of this vehicle.

The inside of the Toyota Corolla GLi contains trim made of beige and black plastic. It has leather stuffing with air conditioning, a tachometer, an infotainment system, power steering, and fabric-covered seats. When the brakes are slick and damp, the automobile will be kept from skidding by its potent anti-lock system.

Its price range is between PKR 2,000,000-2,500,000.


Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)             4620 x1775x1475
Displacement   1298 cc
Fuel Typepetrol
Mileage13 KM/L
Fuel TanK Capacity55 L
Kerb Weight1275 KG
Seating Capacity5 persons


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How To Protect Your Car Paint
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Follow These 5 Steps To Protect Your Car’s Paint!

Follow These 5 Steps To Protect Your Car’s Paint!

June 21, 2022 / By Zunair Tahir / Automotive Blogs

To keep your car’s paint in good condition, you’ll need to devote some time and effort to cleaning it on a regular basis. There are many different auto waxes and polishes on the market. Although some automobile product makers promise that their products provide long-term results, you will need to reapply any product every few months to keep the exteriors looking good.

Avoid using too many detailing products on a new automobile with a beautiful layer of factory paint since they detract from the car’s original sheen and can damage the paint. Keep the following suggestions in mind to keep your vehicle shining.

Step#1 Wash regularly

Washing your automobile on a regular basis is the greatest way to maintain car paint, and it isn’t a new approach to protect car paint because most of us are already aware of it. However, there is one thing you should be aware of. Dish detergent should not be used to wash a car, according to automobile experts! Dish detergent will wreak havoc on your paint. In this scenario, a high-quality vehicle wash chemical should be used and applied using a foam pad applicator. The body should next be rubbed with a fine-grade car wash Mitt before being completely washed with clean water. To dry the body, the best option is to use a microfiber towel.

You may also spray a detailing lubricant over the automobile and apply it with another Mitt in a circular motion. Finally, dry with a second towel.

If frequent cleaning isn’t possible, at the absolute least use a duster to wipe down the car every day to avoid sanding.

Step#2 Wax to keep up the shine

After applying the paint sealant, you must use the wax the next day. Furthermore, whether you utilise the spray or liquid versions, you can apply it every month or week. The paste wax lasts longer and does not need to be applied as frequently.

Bird droppings, road filth, tree sap, and other harmful and corrosive substances adhere to the paint and cut through it. Wax will keep these items from causing any harm.

Step#3 Synthetic coating

Synthetic coating is a new kind of automotive paint protection that you should be aware of. If you’re not sure how to protect your automobile paint in this manner, here’s a tip to help you. A single application of a ceramic or polymer coating will preserve automobile paint for more than 6 months! Although it doesn’t have the same mirror-like gloss as a high-quality wax coating, it is more effective at preventing objects from clinging to the paint.

Step#4 Paint Protection Film

If you really want to preserve your car’s paint from sun damage, you might want to invest in a paint protection film package. Some kits merely cover the acrylic headlights, while there are others that cover the entire car. Your automobile will age more gracefully if you follow all of these basic protection suggestions.

Step#5 Fixing Scratches

Apart from rustproofing the vehicle, you must also swiftly repair minor scratches. If the scratch is not too deep, you may simply use touch-up paint and a rubbing compound to get a fantastic sheen. If the scratch is severe and exposes the metal, you’ll need to sand off the surrounding paint and prime the damaged area before painting. Paint it using Rust oleum Automotive Acrylic Enamel 2X Spray Paint if you wish to re-paint it.


2022 CARS (13) 2022 News (22) 2022 Tech News (13) 2024 Car Price In Pakistan (16) apple (24) Apple Inc (14) Automotive Blogs (14) Automotive News (227) Automotive News Pakistan (20) Auto News (149) Auto Sector (12) Blogs (11) car news (26) Car Prices (12) cars (46) cars of pakistan (47) Cricket (12) electric cars (13) entertainment news (14) F1 (24) F1 News (12) Formula 1 (12) Honda (12) Hyundai (12) Imran Khan (19) Imran Khan News (18) mg (14) MG Pakistan (17) new cars (34) news (375) news pakistan (16) News Update (22) pakistan automotive news (11) Pakistan Government (41) Pakistan News (77) PCB (23) proton (13) proton pakistan (15) PTI (22) Sports News (45) suzuki (18) Suzuki Pakistan (11) Tech News (67) Toyota (16) World News (14)

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Driving Tips for How to Save Petrol

Driving Tips for How to Save Petrol

May 24, 2022 / By Zunair Tahir / Automotive Blogs

How To Save Petrol – The Ultimate Guide

These days, everyone is striving to save money on gasoline. It’s understandable given how quickly gas prices fluctuate. Check out our ideas for fuel-efficient driving and see how much money you can save while doing so.

1. Don’t Be a Lead Foot

The harder you accelerate, the more gas is lost. You can save gas by gently pressing the accelerator pedal. This rule of thumb will help you drive more efficiently.

From a halt, aim to accelerate your vehicle up to 15 miles per hour in roughly five seconds. Use a modest throttle setting and shift between 2000 and 2500 rpm with a manual transmission.

Imagine there’s an egg under the gas pedal to aid you avoid accelerating too quickly. Pretend the gas pedal is pressing down on the egg as you accelerate. This mental trick might help you accelerate safely, saving you gas and money.

2. Keep it Steady for Fuel-Efficient Driving

Have you ever wondered why highway and city driving yield different mileage? When it comes to traditional gas-powered vehicles, highway driving always gets the better mileage rating. Take the Toyota Corolla, for example. Its EPA-estimated MPG for highway travel is higher than for city driving.

The reason for this is because of abrupt changes in speed. On the highway, dips in speed mixed with bursts of quick acceleration can boost your fuel consumption by up to 30%. As a result, abrupt stops and starts might affect fuel efficiency. If you’re not driving in a city, avoid making sudden stops and starts.

If you’re going on a road trip or have a long commute, cruise control can save you money on gas. It saves you money on gas and keeps your car in good running order. Simply adhere to established road signs and turn off cruise control when driving in hazardous conditions.

3. Stay Alert and Keep Proper Distance

Maintain the momentum of your vehicle by planning your actions ahead of time. Keep your eyes on the road ahead of you.

Anticipate pedestrian and other driver movements and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Counting seconds might help you determine a safe distance. It works like this: when driving, choose an inanimate item such as a road sign, a marker, or something solid that does not move. Start counting as the automobile in front of you passes the object.

Because it was commonly instructed to count 2 seconds, this guideline was dubbed the “2-second rule.” It’s now widely accepted that varied driving conditions result in different count times.

Speed limitations of 35-55 mph necessitate a 3 second separation. Count 4 seconds at 55-75 mph when it’s pouring, the roads are wet, or there’s a lot of traffic. Count 7-8 seconds for a safer journey on snowy or icy roads.

This counting method can assist you in maintaining a healthy distance and improving your gas mileage.

4. Don’t Slam on the Brakes

If city traffic’s stop-and-go slows you down, abrupt stops can do the same. In normal driving situations, coasting toward a stop sign or red light is preferable to slamming on the brakes. This saves both time and money.

It is not only a more efficient driving practice, but it also reduces tyre and brake wear. This allows you to save money on maintenance and repairs.

5. Check Your Tire Pressure

In addition to these fuel-saving driving strategies, make sure your tyres are properly inflated. When you notice the tyre pressure warning light*, check the pressure frequently and fill them up.

Check inside the driver’s side door if you’re unclear how much air your tyres require. Many modern automobiles feature a placard on the dashboard that indicates the proper PSI for your vehicle. “How about the information printed on the tyre?” That is an excellent question!

Tire manufacturers prefer to include valuable information on their tyres, such as the maximum PSI they can handle. It’s vital to emphasize, however, that you should never go above that limit.

This is due to a number of factors. The first is related to normal wear and tear. The tread portion of your tyres will round out if you over-inflate them. As a result, the middle tread wears down sooner. You might be decreasing the life of your tyres in half on average.

The second reason is that traction has been lost. The more you pump your tyres, the more likely they are to lose touch with the road. This might cause you to spin out or possibly crash. This is especially true in the winter when the roads are icy.

The third cause is related to your vehicle. You’ll feel every bump and dip when driving on over-inflated tyres. What was once a pleasant trip has become rough.

6. Be More Fuel Efficient with Less Cargo

Have you ever returned after a road trip only to discover that your automobile performed better the following time you drove it? It may have seemed clogged and sluggish during the journey. Perhaps it felt light and athletic on the walk to the shop the next day. This is for a very excellent reason.

Fuel economy suffers when there is excess load. It’s preferable to leave that additional weight out of the automobile until you really need it. When you come home, unpack the car and leave only what you need for your next trip.

7. Reduce Heater Use in Winter

Heaters and air conditioners are designed to keep you comfortable in your automobile. It’s why many automobiles offer air conditioning, heating, and seat warmers.

However, relying on climate controls reduces gas efficiency. Try parking in a warm area like a garage to conserve gas in the winter. This keeps you warm in the winter and saves you money on gas.

Another thing you may do is avoid driving an idle car for too long with the heating on. Turn on the heat shortly before getting inside your car or while it is running. This reduces the time it takes to warm up and saves petrol.


2022 CARS (13) 2022 News (22) 2022 Tech News (13) 2024 Car Price In Pakistan (16) apple (24) Apple Inc (14) Automotive Blogs (14) Automotive News (227) Automotive News Pakistan (20) Auto News (149) Auto Sector (12) Blogs (11) car news (26) Car Prices (12) cars (46) cars of pakistan (47) Cricket (12) electric cars (13) entertainment news (14) F1 (24) F1 News (12) Formula 1 (12) Honda (12) Hyundai (12) Imran Khan (19) Imran Khan News (18) mg (14) MG Pakistan (17) new cars (34) news (375) news pakistan (16) News Update (22) pakistan automotive news (11) Pakistan Government (41) Pakistan News (77) PCB (23) proton (13) proton pakistan (15) PTI (22) Sports News (45) suzuki (18) Suzuki Pakistan (11) Tech News (67) Toyota (16) World News (14)

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Car Clutch Life
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5 Easy Tips To Increase The Life Of Your Car’s Clutch

5 Easy Tips To Increase The Life Of Your Car’s Clutch

May 14, 2022 / By Zunair Tahir / Automotive Blogs

Today we’ll discuss one of the most crucial components of an automobile, without which it would never work. The vehicle’s clutch. To be clear, we will discuss non-electric vehicles because electric vehicles do not utilize transmission. To be clear, we will only discuss a manual gearbox and how to extend the clutch’s life.

How To Increase Clutch Life?

Regardless of how you look at it, because the clutch is based on friction, it will ultimately wear out and need to be replaced. However, there are a few easy steps you can do to extend its life, and the most significant reason to do so is that clutch replacement is an expensive procedure. So there you have it:

Tip # 1 Don’t Ride The Clutch

The majority of them have a propensity of resting their foot on the clutch. This is a terrible habit to get into since even the tiniest exertion causes the pressure plates to compress. As a result, some of the friction plates will come into contact, causing needless wear and strain. Make sure your foot isn’t resting on the clutch while you’re not using it. Either fully depress the clutch pedal or leave it unpressurized. This is the easiest approach for extending the life of an automotive clutch.

Tip # 2 Don’t Use The Clutch Every Time You Brake

Another typical poor behavior is pressing both the brake and clutch pedals at the same time while braking. Not only does this result in superfluous clutch usage, but it also removes a significant amount of braking power from the engine. The widespread consensus is that you should utilise your clutch just before the engine starts to struggle and shut out while braking. If your car’s speed is too low for the gear picked, the basic guideline is to compress the clutch. So, if you want to slow down, only use the clutch when you need to shift gears. Keeping the clutch pushed as soon as you brake might help you slow down faster.

Tip # 3 Use Neutral While Waiting At Signals

This is quite straightforward, and we’ve seen a lot of folks do it when stopping at a light. Pressing the clutch while waiting for the signal is a bad idea, even if it’s only for 5 seconds, because it increases clutch usage when you could just put the car in Neutral. Leaving the clutch pedal depressed when not in use is a guaranteed method to shorten its lifespan.

Tip # 4 Use Handbrake On An Uphill

Many individuals use the clutch to stop their automobile from rolling backwards when stopping on an uphill slope. You won’t have enough juice left to drive ahead without jerks if you do this, and you’ll be putting a lot of strain on the clutch. Instead, take your foot off the brakes and utilize the handbrake. Release the clutch and handbrake while boosting the throttle at the same time to get going. This may appear to have a lot going on at once, but when done correctly, it is more comfortable and reduces the pressure on your clutch.

Tip # 5 Use The Clutch Only When You Have To

We recognize that clutching is quite important and probably on the higher side when living in congested cities. And no, we’re not asking you to abandon the clutch totally; rather, we’re advising you to use it more carefully. In the end, the clutch should only be engaged and disengaged when absolutely essential. Furthermore, if you do (dis-)engage it, do so with caution. Always attempt to keep the time you don’t fully push the clutch pedal to a minimum (as the clutch slips it will chafe against the flywheel, gently wearing it out). Avoid touching the clutch whenever possible (mostly during the highway runs).


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How To Keep Your Car Cool In The Summer

How To Keep Your Car Cool In The Summer

May 12, 2022 / By Zunair Tahir / Automotive Blogs

The winters are long gone, and temperatures will soon soar to uncomfortably high levels. There will be times when you’ll need to get in your car and drive, but you’ll have to contend with excessively hot temperatures inside. Today, we’ll discuss ways to keep your automobile cool in the heat.

How to Keep Car Interior Cool During Summer

Tip #1 Use Sunshades/Window Visors

The first recommendation in our summer automobile cooling advice is to adopt the tried-and-true approach of utilizing sunshades. Sunshades and window visors are inexpensive and readily available at most auto accessories stores.

We ask that you use a sunshade or window visor whenever you park your car in the sun, even if it is only for a few minutes. These items prevent the greenhouse effect from occurring, ensuring that the interior of your automobile remains cool.

Tip #2 Use a Dashboard Cover

The second suggestion for keeping your car cool in the summer is to use a dashboard cover to keep the dashboard from heating up.

Simply said, when your car has been parked in the sun for a long, you will not have an unpleasant experience every time you touch the dashboard. Furthermore, due to the high temperatures they reach, these coverings protect the dashboard plastic from losing color or texture.

Tip #3 Cover the Steering Wheel too

Using the dashboard cover, however, isn’t a perfect answer. You must also keep the steering wheel from becoming too heated. What’s the answer? Use a steering wheel cover as well. This will assist you maintain a strong grip on the steering wheel since the surface temperature will be kept under control.

Tip #4 Park in Shade

The next advice on how to keep your automobile cool in the summer is the simplest on this list. Basically, parking your automobile in the shade is the greatest approach to avoid the sun. The inside will be cooler as a result. Despite the fact that this is a relatively fundamental concept, many of us neglect it and park in the first available space. However, we urge that you take a few minutes to find a shaded parking spot. If you can’t find any shade, a light-colored cotton bedsheet might be used to cover your interior.

Tip #5 Keep Windows Slightly Open

The second technique for keeping your automobile cool in the summer is another simple one. Simply leave the windows slightly ajar. Always remember that heated air rises. As a result, leaving the windows slightly open is the greatest approach to ensure that heat escapes from the confines of your automobile cabin. As a result, make sure the windows aren’t open wide enough for a burglar to slip his hand inside and unlock the vehicle. Even a little aperture will provide adequate ventilation and allow heated air to depart the vehicle inside.

Tip #6 Keep the Backside Cool

Another way to keep your seats cool, especially if they’re leather, is to use inexpensive cooling cushions. These cushions will also help to alleviate weariness while travelling for lengthy periods of time.

Tip #7 Use Solar Fans

While not simple, this is one of the most effective ways to keep your car cool in the summer. Invest in solar-powered window fans that may be simply hung. You can easily charge them with sunshine and utilize them to keep the cabin of your automobile cool by allowing cool air to enter.

Tip #8 Before You Start Driving

If you are going to start driving a car with a sun-heated interior, you may chill the cabin by opening all the doors and windows and turning on the air conditioning to full blast.

Tip #9 Get Your Air-Conditioner Serviced

Because prevention is better than cure, get your car’s air conditioner serviced before the summer arrives. This will assist you in effectively cooling the cabin when driving in the heat. In the heat, a clogged filter or low refrigerant gas levels can cause a lot of stress and impair cooling efficiency. Getting the air conditioner serviced should not cost more than Rs 3,000.

Tip #10 Keep Your Belongings In The Glove Box

This technique will not cool down the interior of your car, but it will keep your stuff secure. CDs and pen drives can be destroyed by direct sunshine and high cabin temperatures. As a result, you should never leave your goods exposed to direct sunlight in the cabin. To keep them out of the sun, keep them in the glove box or even the boot.





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Automotive Blog

Driving Tips For Saving Gas

Driving Tips For Saving Gas

March 11, 2022 / By Zunair Tahir / Blogs

Tips for conserving gas when driving

Following the worldwide economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, which spurred an upsurge in demand for petroleum goods, we were already paying more for energy. Now, as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, global gas and power prices have risen, and motorists are paying higher gasoline prices than ever before. There are, however, ways to save money at the pump, as well as one or two tactics you may use behind the wheel to reduce the impact.

  • Drive less

The most apparent strategy to save money on gas is to drive less. If possible, take public transportation. Why not walk or ride your bike to the store? Of course, in the winter, a car may be the only practicable mode of transportation.

  • Ease up on the Accelerator

Gas likes speed, so take it easy on the gas pedal. Your wallet will appreciate it, and you’ll be a lot safer as a result. Driving too fast can also be dangerous and very risky for u and other people around

  • Drive More Slowly

Driving more slowly actually reduces drag, which boosts fuel consumption and results in a smoother ride.

  • Idle For Less

Warming up your car for lengthy periods of time is a waste of petrol, something most of us are guilty of. In reality, idling your automobile for more than a minute wastes gasoline and produces a lot of greenhouse gas.

  • How Cool Is Gas?

Here’s something to think about the next time you’re at the pump: gas is often colder and denser earlier in the day. As a result, start filling up at dawn. Wait until the temperature has increased and the density has decreased, resulting in less gas when you pump. Regardless, you’re just receiving a small amount of extra fuel in your tank.

  • Monitor How And When You Brake

Recognize when to apply the brakes effectively. Another technique to waste gas is to brake excessively. Instead, decelerate whenever it is safe and possible.

  • Turn Off The Engine

Turn off the engine after you’ve reached a stop. Excessive idling wastes a lot of petrol. It’s why most modern cars include a stop-start system, which automatically shuts down and restarts the internal combustion engine to limit the amount of time it spends idling, lowering fuel consumption and pollutants.

  • Streamline Your Vehicle

Wind resistance should be eliminated. According to the Department of Energy, aerodynamic drag may increase fuel consumption by up to 20% on the highway.


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