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Chinese Luxury Minivan Denza D9 Costs $65,000 & 400 HP Power

Chinese Luxury Minivan Denza D9 Costs $65,000 & 400 HP Power

April 11, 2023 / By Zunair Tahir / Automotive News

In the past, the minivan market in the US and Europe had significant popularity. While there are still some respectable MPV options available on both sides of the Atlantic, the selection is often limited.

However, that is not the situation in China, where big, boxy people movers are now gaining popularity and several domestic and international manufacturers are producing new versions. The Denza D9, which is offered with plug-in hybrid and electric powertrains, is one of the newest participants.

Let’s begin with the name of the brand. Denza is a joint company that BYD and the Mercedes-Benz Group hold equally and that creates high-end automobiles for the People’s Republic. The majority of the company’s earlier products had the feel of rebadged BYDs (a popular Chinese brand), but Denza upped the ante with this new offering. China introduced the D9 last year.

Denza provides the opulent minivan with a choice of three different plug-in hybrid powertrains based on the battery and motor to further complicate matters. The model seen in the page’s opening video is the top-of-the-line model, with a maximum output of 502 pound-feet (681 Newton metres) of torque and 401 horsepower (299 kilowatts) at its peak. These are impressive stats for a nondescript minivan. Up to 112 miles (180 kilometres) may be covered on pure electric power, and curiously for a plug-in hybrid, DC charging is possible with up to 80 kilowatts of power, which isn’t very frequently.

The D9’s cabin may be its most remarkable feature. The Chinese minivan has a total of seven screens: three in the front, two in the front seatbacks for the back seats, and two in the second-row armrests. Although we may not have preferred the capacity touch buttons on the centre console, the quality and material choices around the interior are excellent. All of this isn’t cheap, though; the top-of-the-line vehicle in question costs around $65,000 in China, which is about what Jeep is asking for the flagship Grand Cherokee L in the US, for instance.


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