The idea was introduced during Monterey Car Week 2023 by Lamborghini's CEO Stephan Winkelmann, CTO Rouven Mohr, and Mitja Borkert.
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Lanzador Concept Teases First All-Electric Lamborghini

Lanzador Concept Teases First All-Electric Lamborghini

August 22, 2023 / By Zunair Tahir / Automotive News

Lamborghini announces a concept “ultra GT car” that will someday become its first all electric vehicle as it continues to advance into the electric age following the introduction of its planned Revuelto plug-in hybrid super sports car. The Lamborghini Lanzador has arrived.

The Lanzador is a 2+2 coupe that mixes influence from the super-sports-coupe-on-stilts Huracan Sterrato and the long (almost 197 inches from bumper to bumper) Urus SUV. The end result is what Lambo is dubbing an extreme GT, which is a full-size luxury cruiser with the room, comfort, and quiet operation of a sports car. The prototype vehicle’s liftback design and raised ride height, however, give it a hint of active lifestyle utility flavor. If you’ve heard this one before, stop me.

At Monterey Car Week 2023, the Lamborghini Lanzador Concept Will Make Its Debut

I chatted with Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini’s Design Lead, who emphasized how the Lanzador makes use of distinctive Lamborghini design cues like the greenhouse and shoulders that are squared off, the single roofline that sweeps from the nose to the tail, and the cab-forward proportions.

The ultra GT’s goal of being a comfortable, luxurious commuter and the realities of designing around an electric battery pack contributed to the Lanzador’s large size and tall ride height, but the automaker was still able to produce a car with a surprisingly low seating position and, hopefully, a driving experience reminiscent of the Revuelto.

The Lanzador’s multi-genre architecture is supported by a network of performance systems that is very adaptable and configurable. CEO Stephan Winkelmann hinted to an expected power output of over a megawatt (over 1,341 horsepower) through the concept’s wheels using a full-electric all-wheel drive system.

It was later revealed to me in an interview by Lambo CTO Rouven Mohr that the Lanzador is most likely going to remain with two electric motors rather than three or more, since this is what the brand’s engineers believe to be the ideal number for power, weight, packaging, and driving experience.

The crazy aerodynamics of the Lanzador piqued my curiosity the most. In order to accomplish the Lanzador’s goal of being a grand tourer that drivers will have to deal with on a daily basis, according to Mohr, it was necessary to conceal one of the most sophisticated active aerodynamics systems I’ve ever seen inside and beneath the EV’s silhouette.

When more downforce is required, motorized aerodynamic components in the bumpers, front splitter, and rear diffuser instantly deploy. To minimize drag, under-hood louvres pull high-pressure air from the wheel arches. To direct air over or through the spoiler built into the rear decklid, carbon-fiber strakes sprout from each side of the rear skylight.

Even the headlights have air passages to channel air over and through other aerodynamic components that are tucked away on or beneath the hood.

The Lanzador’s transformation from a low-drag cruiser to a high-downforce performance, with the aerodynamic components deploying and the suspension locking in, is something like witnessing a Transformer in action, but Mohr was most pleased with the company’s upcoming Integrated Control software.

Hardware won’t affect the game in the future, claims Mohr. “You need a certain amount of hardware, but the Integrated Control system is the game-changer because it determines how the automobile is responding. We use [software version] 3.0 in our first electric car, which means we combine all active systems, including active aerodynamics. We also have a lot more options for steering the electrical model, which will help us drive very well.

Lamborghini anticipates that this Integrated Control version 3.0 will also incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to adapt to the driver and the driving conditions.

For instance, it might predict grip based on data from the sensors and adjust the torque distribution of the electric motors, or it might observe the driver’s behavior on a long, straight stretch of highway and modify the aerodynamics and suspension for greater range and comfort. Driver assistance technology will also receive more attention on the Lanzador, and piloted and automated driving technologies are expected to debut.


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