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Weintek: Three Monitoring Tools Tailored For Your Needs

Weintek: Three Monitoring Tools Tailored For Your Needs

January 17, 2023 / By Zunair Tahir / Automation News

Mobile devices are starting to be employed in industrial control systems as they have an influence on people’s daily life. In the past, employees have had to travel around a lot to run each unit. With the advent of mobile devices, operators may now remotely control machinery without being there, resulting in extremely practical and effective monitoring.

In addition to direct touch screen operation, Weintek HMI includes three different monitoring tools, cMT Viewer, WebView, and VNC Viewer, each of which is appropriate for a particular scenario. If utilized properly, any of them may serve as an equally effective monitoring tool, and users are free to select the one that best suits their needs.

2. cMT Viewer

The unique monitoring app from Weintek. Both multi-HMI and multi-user monitoring are supported. Furthermore, the control token safety method makes sure that there are no operation conflicts in a scenario of multi-party collaboration.

2. WebView

an easy-to-use online monitoring tool. Without the need of extra software, an HMI screen may be viewed on a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

3. VNC Viewer

A standard monitoring program. VNC users can just use it to view the HMI screen if they currently use it for that purpose.

Furthermore, start offshore monitoring right away by combining these technologies with Weincloud. Using EasyAccess 2.0, you may connect to a remote HMI and use any of the tools to remotely monitor it from a mobile device. As an alternative, you may simply get important data from sites throughout the world by using the Dashboard service. Remote monitoring is a breeze with Weincloud!

Weintek wants to offer a variety of mobile and remote monitoring options to consumers. We think doing this can assist businesses in swiftly and adapting to changes and issues that may arise.

cMT ViewercMT X. cMT Series
Web ViewercMT X Series
VNC ViewerAll HMI Series
Automation News

Weintek Dashboard Subscription Licensing

Weintek Dashboard Subscription Licensing

January 10, 2023 / By Zunair Tahir / Automation News

It’s about time! Weintek is pleased to introduce a new licensing model for Weincloud-Dashboard. Under the new licensing model, licenses are annual subscription-based and per-HMI, meaning that each HMI must hold a valid subscription license in order to use the Dashboard service.

Along with the licensing roll-out, the Subscription Card will be available for purchase as well. A Subscription Card contains a subscription code which users may use on the Weincloud website to load subscription to an HMI and start its Dashboard service right away!

In addition to Dashboard, EasyAccess 2.0 – the remote access service, is also technically part of Weincloud. However, Dashboard and EasyAccess 2.0 are two distinct types of service and therefore they will be licensed separately.

Weintek Cloud Service (Weincloud): A New Standard for Cloud Monitoring

Following this update, Dashboard subscription may be added to any cMT X HMI model regardless of its EasyAccess 2.0 activation status. Users are free to use either feature or both according to their needs.

New Features:

In this update, there are also new features. First, the device management page now provides a more intuitive UI supporting drag and drop operation. For the dashboard, the much anticipated widgets such as Tag-History, Map and HMI location will be available for use.

Still hesitating? Sign up for a 90-day free trial now to experience the new way of remote monitoring.

90 Days Free Trial

About Dashboard:

Weintek’s Dashboard helps aggregate data from different sources and display them on a single dashboard. Please contact your distributor about how to purchase a Dashboard Subscription card.

Dashboard Specifications

LicensingAnnual Subscription / Per HMI
Eligible ModelscMT X Models
Min. Update Interval5 Seconds
Max. Number Of Tags500
Max. Number Of Tags With History100
Tag History Retention Period1 Year
Tag History Backup (Download) Limit10 Times / Day
EasyBuilder ProV6.06.02 Or Later


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WEINTEK HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Weintek HMI Software

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Weintek HMI User Manual

Weintek Ebpro User Manual (All Chapters)V6.06.02/32MBDOWNLOAD
Weintek Eb8000 User Manual
(All Chapters)
Weintek Eb500 User Manual
(All Chapters)

Weintek HMI All Model Manual

Weintek MT8072iP Datasheet611KBDOWNLOAD
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Weintek MT8071iP2 Installation Guide374KBDOWNLOAD
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Weintek cMT-SVR User Manual2020/01/07DOWNLOAD
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Data Sheet
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Weintek MT8102iE1_8102iEU_8103iE1 Installation Guide450KBDOWNLOAD
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Weintek cMT-FHDX-220 Datasheet440KBDOWNLOAD
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Weintek mTV-100 User Manual2019/12/17DOWNLOAD
Weintek cMT-iV5 User Manual2016/01/11DOWNLOAD
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Weintek cMT2108X Datasheet572KBDOWNLOAD


PLC Connection GuideV6.00.01DOWNLOAD



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