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Apple Will Launch Mixed Reality Headset

June 5, 2023 / By Zunair Tahir / Tech News

The “Reality Pro,” as it is rumored to be called, may pit Apple and Meta against one another in a technical battle where the physical and digital worlds collide.

Apple Inc. is anticipated to introduce new mixed-reality headgear on Monday at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in California. Apple has been promoting augmented reality features for its iPhones and iPads since 2017.

It would be the tech giant’s biggest product launch since the 2015 debut of the Apple Watch.

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The iPhone manufacturer has thus far restricted its augmented reality efforts to software compatible with its current products. However, it appears that it will make use of the newest technological generation, where the physical and virtual worlds merge.

With the much awaited headgear, Apple will face off against Facebook’s parent company Meta, which has been striving for years to promote its alternative digital environment, or the “metaverse.”

What is known about the “Reality Pro” headset from Apple

According to media sources quoting experts, Apple is anticipated to highlight a “Reality Pro” headset, with a price tag of roughly $3,000 and specially developed software for the equipment that may resemble a pair of ski goggles.

A sleek Apple family design is anticipated for the goggles, along with the option to switch between virtual and augmented reality, often known as mixed reality or external reality (XR).

Although there are huge expectations for Apple to offer innovative technologies, the goggle’s expensive price may disappoint many ardent supporters.

Apple could only sell 150,000 pieces of the headset during its first year on the market, according to analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities. This is a low number for a firm that yearly sells more than 200 million units of its flagship product, the iPhone.


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