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A Brand-New CFMOTO Three-Cylinder Engine Is In Development

March 9, 2023 / By Zunair Tahir / Automotive News

According to recent patents, CFMOTO is working on a new, 675cc three-cylinder engine.

CFMOTO demonstrates that it is interested in developing its own engines for a variety of models, demonstrating that internal combustion engines still have a future.

Despite having extensive expertise with electric motorcycles, the Chinese manufacturer and motorbike industry are still working on traditional combustion engines.

Engine Details:

The patent application’s three-cylinder engine looks to be in the same class as the 450SR sports model’s 449cc two-cylinder. This bike is anticipated to launch a wide variety of versions, including the single-cylinder 450 SR-S and the naked 450NK. Now, CFMOTO will also use the two-cylinder engine as the foundation for the creation of a three-cylinder.

The new three-cylinder engine shares the same design as the 449cc bi-cylinder, according to patent photos. The design of the cam cover and cylinder head appear to be almost identical, but with one extra cylinder added.

The new engine from CFMOTO will be more concerned with low and midrange torque than than high rpm and peak output. But, CFMOTO could easily change the stroke to offer the three-cylinder engine additional displacement and performance if necessary, much as MV Agusta and Triumph modified their engines to achieve 800cc.

The number of engines with more than two cylinders has significantly increased in recent months, thanks to the creation of several four-cylinder designs by companies like QJ Motor, Benda, Loncin, and CFMOTO. In the meantime, QJ Motor has begun producing.

The TNT 899 model in China using Benelli’s 899cc three-cylinder, and Zontes is ready to introduce a sports bike with a three-cylinder engine.

It is rather fascinating to see a combustion engine being developed, maybe with a path to Europe, given that the bulk of two-wheeler sales in China are electric scooters and the Chinese government has been promoting the development of EV versions.


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