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This Custom LEGO Chopper Makes The Best Impression Of A Harley V-Rod

March 14, 2023 / By Zunair Tahir / Automotive News

A bespoke motorbike costs a lot of money to build. Whether you undertake a job from scratch, for aesthetic purposes only, or as a total rebuild, the costs mount up quickly. LEGO master builder Pale4 created his own custom chopper by building it brick by brick in order to construct the vehicle of his desires without going broke.

Fully Equipped With Adjustable Pistons

Pale4’s design immediately reminds me of Harley-now-discontinued Davidson’s V-Rod. Although the VRSC was produced for 18 years, many Harley purists disapproved of the cutting-edge cruiser. However, the concept is still revered in some communities, such as the private arena. Pale4 demonstrates that the LEGO universe is no different.

The maker admitted, “I’ve always been a devotee of custom bikes. Since modifying vehicles is so popular, I reasoned that creating a motorbike that could be altered by builders after construction would make a fantastic set for lovers of Lego and Lego Technic.


By shortening the front frame, building it to a steeper angle, and shortening the rear fender, it is simple to convert this motorbike to a bobber type bike using the parts included in the set.

No detail is missed by the expert LEGO maker. The model chopper faithfully reproduces its inspiration, down to the long, slender V-posture Rod’s and its 60-degree V-twin.

Pale4 even has controls with brake lines, a back suspension in the manner of a V-Rod, and bodywork. But he doesn’t neglect to give the personalized boat his own unique touch.

Pale4 improves the chassis with seven-spoke wheels and an inverted front end, replacing the V-disc Rod’s wheels and telescoping suspension. The end product is a custom chopper that ought to be appealing to both custom bike enthusiasts and cruiser purists. Will LEGO enthusiasts back it, we wonder?

Pale4’s design has a possibility of becoming a retail box set because it is a member in the LEGO Ideas program. The custom chopper requires 10,000 ballots to go into manufacturing.

The LEGO master builder has 1,972 points as of the moment this article was written. Even though the V-Rod may have outlived its usefulness, a 1:5-scale homemade LEGO chopper aims to continue its heritage.


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