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Hamilton Could Have Piercings, But Mercedes Will Pay A $24,500 Fine

Hamilton Could Have Piercings, But Mercedes Will Pay A $24,500 Fine

October 3, 2022 / By Zunair Tahir / Automotive News

Lewis Hamilton will be permitted to continue wearing his nose stud at the Singapore Grand Prix due to medical need, but his team was fined $24,500 on Sunday for failing to alert the stewards.

The governing body of Formula One, the FIA, imposed the fine after Mercedes submitted a self-scrutineering form claiming that the British driver had adhered to rules by taking out all jewelry and body piercings.

“In recent times, Hamilton had the piercing removed before the match. Without asking Hamilton, the team thought he had already followed or would follow the same process for this event “the FIA stewards concluded in their decision.

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“The stewards agree that the declaration’s mistake in this instance was not made on purpose or deliberately. In light of these facts, we impose a 25,000 euro punishment on the squad.”

According to seven-time world champion Hamilton, who removed the stud because to an infection, he was advised to do so by medical professionals.

Hamilton remarked, “I’ve worn my jewelry and nose stud for years and obviously there was all that hubbub at the beginning of the year.

It wasn’t able to come loose because it was soldered in at the time. They granted me an exemption for many races so I could come up with a solution, stated Hamilton.

I tried inserting and removing it. Because of that, it became infected. My nose was pretty uncomfortable, and I developed a blood blister. I told them all of this before I was qualified.

The physicians asked me to keep it in after I put it back in because it had begun to mend during the previous two weeks.

After qualifying third-fastest for Sunday’s race at the Marina Bay circuit, Hamilton was asked to go to the stewards’ room.

The stewards issued a statement stating that “broadcast footage revealed Hamilton wearing an item of jewellery in the form of a body piercing (nose stud) throughout the session.”

The team presented records from a medical professional that supported Hamilton’s statement. Hamilton “said that he had been instructed by his physicians not to remove it for the time being.

We decided to stop taking action in light of the mitigating circumstances.

Despite the regulation prohibiting drivers from wearing jewelry existing for decades, Hamilton claimed it was “all a little ludicrous” that it became a problem this season.

He replied, “One of the finest defences I ever heard was about heat and how metal transfers heat in a fire.

Hamilton said, “But our zip is metal, our helmet buckle is metal, and we have cables with aluminum metal in them.

“It’s absurd that we have to discuss something so trivial. Everything is a bit goofy. I’m hoping they’ll be reasonable.

The stewards’ first responsibility should be to keep us safe. However, this is not a safety concern.


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“Today was a joke,” Hamilton said of the FIA.

“Today was a joke,” Hamilton said of the FIA.

August 10, 2021 / By Zunair Tahir / Blogs F1

Lewis Hamilton does not like the way things went in Belgium on Sunday afternoon. The Mercedes driver saw the start of the race being postponed time and time again, while according to him it was already clear that the weather conditions would not improve.

Today was a farce, with the only losers being the spectators who paid good money to watch us race “Hamilton stated this on his Instagram page. The seven-time world champion is not afraid to express himself. “Of course, you can’t control the weather, but we do have sophisticated technology that can tell us what’s going on, and it was apparent that the weather wasn’t going to ease up anytime soon.


Verstappen wins the Belgian F1 Grand Prix

Hamilton is irritated by the fact that the drivers were forced to drive for 10 minutes behind the safety car on the Spa-Francorchamps track. We were dispatched for one and only one reason. Two laps behind a safety car, with little chance of gaining or losing a position or providing excitement for the fans, isn’t racing.”

The 36-year-old Britishman concluded by adding that the FIA’s decision is inexplicable. “We should have just called it a day, not put the drivers in jeopardy, and most importantly, reimbursed the fans who are the lifeblood of our sport,” Hamilton added.

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Verstappen wins the Belgian F1 Grand Prix, which was rained out

Verstappen wins the Belgian F1 Grand Prix, which was rained out

August 30, 2021 / By Zunair Tahir / News F1

On Sunday, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was crowned the Belgian Grand Prix winner in Spa-Francorchamps.

The Drivers’ Championship Standings

  • Lewis Hamilton (202.5 Points)
  • Max Verstappen (199.5 Points)
  • Lando Norris (113 Points)
  • Valtteri Bottas (108 Points)
  • Sergio Perez (104 Points)
  • Carlos Sainz (83.5 Points)
  • Charles Leclerc (82 Points)
  • Daniel Ricciardo (56 Points)
  • Pierre Gasly (54 Points)
  • Esteban Ocon (42 Points)
  • Fernando Alosno (38 Points)
  • Sebastian Vettel (35 Points)
  • Yuki Tsunoda (18 Points)
  • Lance Stroll (18 Points)
  • George Russell (13 Points)
  • Nicholas Latifi (7 Points)
  • Kimi Raikkonen (2 Points)
  • Antonio Giovinazzi (1 Point)
  • Mick Schumacher (0 Points)
  • Nikita Mazepin (0 Points)

The race was red-flagged after the minimum of two laps necessary to make the result official following two tries behind the safety car. With less than 30 minutes remaining in the race, race director Michael Masi decided that the event would not be restarted.
Because 75 percent of the race distance was not completed, half points were awarded for the first time since Malaysia 2009.

The Belgian GP 2021 top ten

  • Max Verstappen (12.5 points)
  • George Russell (9 Points)
  • Lewis Hamilton (7.5 Points)
  • Daniel Ricciardo (6 Points)
  • Sebastian Vettel (5 Points)
  • Pierre Gasly (4 Points)
  • Esteban Ocon (3 Points)
  • Charles Leclerc (2 Points)
  • Nicholas Latifi (1 Point)
  • Carlos Sainz (0.5 Points)

The race start sequence was halted for many hours as rain continued to pour after a delayed start and a few formation laps behind the safety car. Red Bull had the chance to repair Perez’s vehicle during this period, but he had to start from the pitlane, costing him a seventh-place finish because he was classified last.
The race was begun behind the safety car with an hour on the clock due to a brief respite in the rain, although the weather remained extremely wet. The race was red-flagged after two and a half circuits as the rain became more intense, making the event official for half points.


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