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Is Lamborghini Bringing Back Countach As a Hybrid

Is Lamborghini Bringing Back Countach As a Hybrid

August 12, 2021 / By Zunair Tahir / News Pakistan

As we all loved the Lamborghini brand It is one of the Famous Italian brand in the World and Countach was one all time favorite bed room poster cars from the 20th-century. The Lamborghini Countach was the 20th-century icon and every one’s dream car a that time.Its was produced  between 1971 and 1990 during its life period it was quite famous due to its elegant design and its famous V12 Engine that ev to 8000 rpm and almost produce 375hp at that time.

Little is known about the forthcoming Countach, but Car and Driver said that an image revealing the car’s full name as the ‘Countach LPI 800-4’ was obtained and uploaded on Instagram a few weeks ago.According to the source, the LPI (Longitudinale Posteriore Ibrido) was a name given to the 2014 Asterion hybrid concept, implying that the next Countach would most likely be a hybrid supercar.


McLaren 765LT Spider Debut ! This is McLaren’s most powerful convertible to existence.

Furthermore, the ‘800′ denotes 800 horsepower, and the ‘4′ denotes that the powertrain will deliver power to all four wheels (as is the standard with modern Lamborghinis).

As Lamborghini tweeted earlier about how the modern Lamborghini Countach and after decade of time they decided to bring it back is some modern look and decided to Make it a Hybrid power train Lamborghini hasn’t revealed the actual spec of the new Lamborghini Countach

the reports from Lamborghini revealed that it will not be mass produced Like Lamborghini Huracan and Lamborghini Aventador but it will be limited production car like the Reventon, the Sesto Elemento, the Veneno, the Centenario

As the Classic Lamborghini Countach from the 20th Century are not sold more than half a Million dollars now a day and the special Lamborghini Countach QV (Anniversary) Limited edition with low miles are now going up in the price and reaching close to million dollars.

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McLaren 765LT Spider Debut ! This is McLaren’s most powerful convertible to existence.

McLaren 765LT Spider Debut ! This is McLaren’s most powerful convertible to existence.

This is McLaren’s Most Powerful Convertible to Existence.

The intangible delights that only a car without a roof can provide are as the wind blows your hair and you can travel as fast as you can. Add a 755-hp twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 engine behind your head, the sound of a quad tail-piped titanium exhaust system, track-tuned everything, and a peak speed of 205 mph, and you have the formula for the new McLaren 765LT Spider. It may be the meanest and leanest convertible we’ve seen in a long time.

McLaren 765 LT Spec

Choosing the Spider over the coupe results in a 108-pound weight disadvantage, implying about similarly crazy performance. McLaren says that the 0-60 mph time is 2.7 seconds, the 0-124 mph time is 7.2 seconds, and the quarter-mile time is 10 seconds. The 765LT coupe was already a high-performance machine, but driving it with the top down seems like a whole new level of awesome.

McLaren claims that no additional strengthening was necessary in the transition from roofed coupe to ‘vert. The hardtop can be raised or lowered in 11 seconds and has a peak speed of 31 mph. If you want to keep the top up but still hear the boisterous V-8 sounds, there’s a tiny window behind the passenger compartment that can be lowered to let the wonderful music in.

The inside of the Spider is similar to that of the coupe, with the exception of a few additional controls that operate the hardtop. Production is restricted, as it is with many high-priced supercars. McLaren will only produce 765 LT Spiders, with costs starting at $382,500 before you start tinkering with the McLaren Special Operations division’s limitless customization possibilities.

Price $382,500/:


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